Tone Artistry was founded in 2014 and is based in the United Kingdom. Over the last four years, Tone Artistry has steadily grown into a strong reputable brand that has cemented it’s position within the electronic dance music industry. Initially the dream was to create and host small events where we could introduce local DJ’s to perform and gain exposure. Our first launch event was a massive success and we were so excited at what the future potentially had in store for us.

The events thereafter did not run as planned and we learnt a lot about the market, our competitors and the importance of brand credibility. We never created Tone Artistry with the intention to make profit; we purely did it out of our love for Electronic Dance Music in all it’s forms. Having the passion and determination to succeed, we came up with a business plan that guided us to create the record label to establish brand position and route to market. Since implementing the plan and strategy, Tone Artistry has had great success that has enabled us to build a team and additional divisions that are focused in our different areas of expertise.

Tone Artistry have now four divisions; Record Label, Artist Management and Bookings, Events Management as well as Marketing and Public Relations. Tone Artistry is a strong brand that serves dance music lovers with outstanding artists, music and memorable events that will continue to be our foundation.